eduction recruitment

Here is some information which may help you to successfully get over the hurdles of attending an interview! Some of them you may find blatantly obvious, but sometimes we can forget the most obvious things! Remember to switch off your mobile phone.


Your appearance speaks volumes even before you’ve said a word. So: –

  • Be smart and well groomed. Always wear classic smart business dress
  • Wear something you feel comfortable in
  • Keep all jewellery and make up minimal and suitable for an office environment. Natural is Best!!

TIP – This is very important – please make sure that you are as presentable as possible.  The school is very interested in you as a potential employee, so it is vital that you dress appropriately.


Always plan your route carefully prior to attending an interview. Including train, tube and bus journeys. To follow are the numbers for the train and bus companies.

It is important to be know so that you can be at the school in good time – it is better to be waiting for an interview than running late and feeling nervous due to time management.


Even if you are kept waiting you cannot afford to be late. Obviously, we are all sometimes unavoidably delayed. If this happens please call me and I will inform the client.

TIP – As mentioned above punctuality is vitally important at an interview.  This is the first time the school is seeing you, so it is good to show professionalism by being on time.


It is good to go on the school website so that you have as much knowledge about the school as a whole, their ethos and what their focus is on.  It is important to showcase that you have done your research as it shows initiative as well as genuine interest in the position – every school is looking for a potential employee who is keen to be a real part of the team.

  • Make notes of your relevant experience
  • Note down valid points that you feel are relevant to the job in question


Interviews generally follow a set pattern. The interviewer will: –

  • Tell you about the company and the job
  • Ask you questions to asses your abilities, personality and motivation
  • Ask if you have any questions
  • Inform you of the next stage of the process and when a final decision will be made

TIP – You need to be confident, enthusiastic and honest

What is your motivation?

TIP – You can mention your real passion for Education and how you want to make real developments within any setting.

You have done a lot of supply work – what is your main reason for applying for a secure opportunity?

TIP – You can discuss that having done supply work across various schools has allowed you to be a lot more prepared for a permanent role – you want the security of being in one school and being able to utilise ALL of the key skills you have learnt.

Make sure that you focus on the positives and not the negatives – bear in mind that supply work can be a great advantage as you have gained so much experience across the board which makes you a real asset to any given setting.  Be confident when you relay this back so be direct and enthusiastic throughout.


The questions you ask are equally as important as those asked by the interviewer. Treat your interview as a two-way discussion. By asking the right questions you can ascertain exactly what the job will entail. Following are some pointers when asking questions at an interview.

  • Be confident, positive and look directly at the interviewer when you talk and listen
  • Speak clearly, be enthusiastic and express a keen interest in the position
  • Try to keep your hands still
  • Keep to the point don’t ramble
  • Always be honest


  • What do you know about us?

TIP – Refer to the website – the school’s ethos and what you have gained from having been on their website

  • Describe your present duties and responsibilities?

TIP -Run through all of your work having been in supply and how this has allowed you to strengthen your key skills you have gained so much experience through all of the different schools – this is a positive!!

  • Why do you want this particular job?

TIP – Explain what it is about the school that you are interested in – you can mention that it is different to other schools out there

  • How would you describe yourself?

TIP – Focus on your strengths – e.g. passionate about education, committed and adaptable – these are just a few examples.  Be honest when you relay this back however bear in mind that the school want a candidate that is committed and dedicated as you are going for a secure opportunity as a teacher!

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

TIP – You can mention strengths such as ones listed above. A weakness needs to be represented as a positive – a weakness could be that you are very goal driven so at times you can be quite hard on yourself however ultimately this is positive as you always want to make sure that you do as much as you can to provide positive results.

  • In a job what is important to you?

TIP – You can be as honest as you want with this type of question – you can say that you are looking for a new and exciting role that will allow you to utilise all of your key skills that you have learnt throughout your supply – mention that you are a hardworking, dedicated and adaptable teacher who is looking to develop children as best as they can and the key importance is having a solid supportive school to assist in making this happen.

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

TIP – Mention that you are looking for progression in the school.