eduction recruitment

Most agencies give you a set pay rate depending on your experience, qualifications, flexibility, demand and availability etc.

Here at Magnum Opus Recruitment, we take on board what pay scale / rate you have currently been working on. If this is a MPS / UPS pay scale then this will be what we will offer or more, if the vacancy is for daily supply then we would make it equivalent to your pay scale. We do not have set pay scales for areas and vacancies as each teacher is different with different experience, which they have gained throughout their career.

On registering with Magnum Opus Recruitment, we will take these aspects into account and ensure you receive a competitive rate of pay that you are entirely satisfied with.

How often will you get paid?

Teachers on daily supply (short / long term contracts) will be paid on a weekly basis (Fridays). Payment is subject to us receiving a signed/approved timesheet for the work completed which we request and receive from the client (schools) weekly of your hours.