The MO Group specialise in supplying flexible workforce solutions to the industrial, driving, warehouse, distribution & logistics sectors throughout the UK.

Weather you have a shortage in your workforce due to illness or a holiday, or if you require additional support during peak season, we are always at hand to help with your needs.We are committed to not only listening to our clients needs, but also our workers. This helps us connect the right workers to our clients, so both sides are happy with the placement. By doing this, it helps us retain our staff with our clients. We believe in building a great relationship with our clients, and our consultants take a great pride in getting to know the workers and their clients they deal with. This helps us provide an excellent service throughout the process.

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Why The MO Group

Warehousing and distribution is a mature market that is continually seeking new ways of remaining competitive and lean, as well as attracting fresh talent. We work with sector leaders to oversee their recruitment strategies, providing access to a network of experienced professionals with a strong track record.

Our in-depth knowledge of the specialism means we are constantly horizon-scanning to identify skills gaps and to solve businesses’ problems by prompting them to think differently when it comes to resourcing models, by potentially looking at contract, fixed term and interim roles, particularly in sectors that see peaks and troughs or where there are periods of transformation. 

Why The MO Group

Candidates looking to advance their warehousing and distribution careers should find plenty of inspiration at The MO Group.

Whether you’re seeking promotion in the same role or taking a sideways step into something different, The MO Group have the contacts and the expertise to realise your dream. Warehousing and distribution careers in the modern sector take in the whole range of jobs, from Head of Fulfilment to Warehouse Supervisor, with e-technology playing an increasingly important role. 

Warehouse Staffing from The MO Group.

Stocking and warehousing are important aspects of delivery and dispatch of the goods. In the modern arena of eCommerce and online shopping, the concept of warehousing has taken center stage, and the credit for that goes to the centralised online shopping platform model that businesses have adopted. Warehouse stocking and management is an important part of business revenue generation and day to day processing. Proper Warehouse management helps you to get the stocks of demanded products stocked on time and ensure the timely delivery of the already dispatched product.

However, managing warehouse kind of a setup is not an easy task. It is a task that requires the services of a group of staff that works and coordinates as a team in the arena of warehouse management. From Warehouse manager, to dispatch executive to the transport executive, each and every person in the chain lends its service towards the effective management of the warehouse. To cater to this need of personnel on the board in sync with the needs of firms; The MO Group bring on board quality manpower solutions. We are dedicated and experienced recruiters who specialise in the recruitment process of Warehouse related staff.

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Below are some the most significant benefits of hiring our services;

Assistance and support for candidates

Assistance and support for candidates.

Proper attention towards all the joining formalities

Proper attention towards all the joining formalities.

Quick and easy replacement in case of non-joining of candidate

Quick and easy replacement in case of non-joining of candidate.

Recruitment of able and skilled staff.

One stop solution for all recruitment needs.

Selection of candidates from a large talent pool.

Need-based solutions are delivered.

Round the clock support.

The MO Group offers you all these benefits along with its committed and professional services.

We, at The MO Group, understand the importance of quality manpower solutions for your business and hence aim to work in that direction.